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Do you have Video tutorials?

Yes, you can find our most popular tutorials below:

1. Software Turtorial

2. Customer Work Orders

3. Assets Management

What can I do with WorkStraight?

Need an easy to use, yet powerful way to track, receive, and manage work? Need a way to track and communicate tasks? Need a way to get your team on the same page? WorkStraight is perfect for all of that!

WorkStraight empowers you to create work orders and tasks, assign users or allow users to select their own work, and even allow your customers to submit work orders remotely. It's all based on how YOU decide to use the flexible functionality of WorkStraight. WorkStraight helps you and your team get work done. Click here to get started

Can I customize work order fields?

Yes. WorkStraight was made to form to your needs. You can customize the names of the work order fields. Also, you can customize the help text for each work order field. You can even customize the term "work orders" to be "service requests", "work tickets", "projects", or whatever you desire. You can even use our Outside Access feature to allow those you service to submit work orders to you and give them access to track work order progress in a separate secure environment. You are not limited in how to use WorkStraight's work order features. That's the point! Click here to select your plan

What type of business is WorkStraight designed for?

WorkStraight was designed to be flexible enough for almost any type of business. However, some of the industries that benefit from using WorkStraight include: Facility management, construction, property management, marketing, education, real estate, hospitality, software development, education, manufactuering, legal, hvac, sales, janitorial, graphic design, health care, logistics, plumbing, government, call center operations, auto repair, fitness, retail, transportation, media. Our work order software was created to be a customizable web-based platform for any type of work management. Click here to get started

Is there a "Customer Portal"?

Yes. WorkStraight calls its customer portal workflow "Outside Access". Via Outside Access your customers can securely submit work orders to your company without logging in via a url assigned to your company. The work order submission page contains your company logo and company name. Outside Access also allows you to optionally define a "return url" that your customer can click afterwards to take them to the webpage of your choice. Outside Access also allows you to optionally pre-select the work order approver and who is assigned to the work order by default if you want all remote work orders that are created to default to certain people. Click here to view our plans

What happens when my customer submits a work order via Outside Access?

When your customer submits a work order remotely, they will receive access automatically to login and track their work orders. They will receive a verification email from WorkStraight with instructions to click the link in the email to confirm their email address. Afterwards, they will receive their login credentials. Your customer will only have to do this once. Your customer will also receive email notifications when their work order has been updated or closed. Click here to start your free trial

How does the 30 day free trial work?

Once you choose a plan during initial account signup, you’ll have 30 days to try WorkStraight. No credit card is required. After free trial, you may either update your billing info to continue using WorkStraight or close your account. Click here to view our plans

What types of payment methods are accepted?

We securely accept all major credit cards. We also accept purchase orders, checks, and money orders. Contact us for info.

When will I be charged?

There are no charges during the free 30 day trial. You decide if WorkStraight helps your team, organization, or maybe just you. With a monthly plan, you're charged once a month. With an annual subscription, you pay for the year up front at a discounted rate. No setup costs and no hidden fees.

Can I pay by the year instead of monthly?

Yes. The yearly costs per plan are as follows:

Small Business:  $190 (save $38) - up to 4 users
Professional:  $390 (save $78) - up to 10 users
Corporate:  $790 (save $158) - up to 25 users
Corporate Plus:  $1,490 (save $298) - up to 50 users
To upgrade to yearly billing (12 months), login to your WorkStraight account and navigate to Settings->Account Management->Change Plan. If you don't have an account yet, Click here to signup.

Is there a setup fee?

No. There is no fees for starting your free trial and no credit card is required.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

You may cancel any time you'd like from within WorkStraight.

Can I upgrade my paid plan later?

Absolutely! You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Is my data safe?

Yes. All WorkStraight plans run under SSL and sensitive data is encrypted in our databases. Our data center is fully SSAE 16 compliant.

What devices can I use with WorkStraight?

PC, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Chromebook, etc... any device with a web browser and an internet connections can access WorkStraight. No apps to download. WorkStraight is optimized for multiple device types and sizes.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes. We offer discounts for 501c3 organizations and educational institutions that signup for a Professional Plan.

Contact us for details.