We love our customers. And our customers love WorkStraight!

Check out a small sampling of the five-star reviews we’ve received through the years:

“Our team has used WorkStraight for several years now, and it’s been great. We can track all our work orders and make sure things get done in a timely manner. Has made a dramatic difference with our workflow. We can’t say enough good things about WorkStraight.” ★★★★★
– Eric P.

“Keep up the good work. You’ve got a great product that works and works very well.” ★★★★★
– Bob P.

“We handle dozens of work requests each day and if not for WorkStraight, we’d be dead in the water. It’s been a game-changer for us. Allows us to communicate and track the progress of work requests from anyplace, anytime. Thank you, WorkStraight!” ★★★★★
– Hilary M.

“5 stars. Would give it even more stars if I could.” ★★★★★
– Bill S.

“WorkStraight is awesome. Our whole team loves it. Took a little time to get familiar with it, but we’re all believers now. It works great and does exactly what we need.” ★★★★★
– Ben B.

“John, Reza, and the rest of the WorkStraight customer care team have been amazing. Super responsive and helpful.” ★★★★★
– Eric M.

“WorkStraight makes everything we do easier. Easy to use. And love how flexible it is!” ★★★★★
– Kirk E.

“My team has been MUCH more efficient since we switched to WorkStraight. By far the easiest work order system we’ve seen” ★★★★★
– Tom F.

“When it comes to tracking and managing work, I don’t think any company offers the combination of services WorkStraight does. Easy to set-up and very easy to use. Once you’ve got it up and running, it’s a snap. And the price-point can’t be beat.” ★★★★★
– Chad B.

“I wish we’d found WorkStraight years ago. It would have made my job so much easier!” ★★★★★
– Donna M.

“Keep up the good work. You’ve got a great product that works and works very well.” ★★★★★
– Bob F.

“Not sure many work order platforms can do what WorkStraight does at the price. It’s budget-friendly and makes all our jobs easier.” ★★★★★
– Meredith T.

“We opted to pay for an annual license and would sign-up for a five-year plan if they offered it. Their customer support is great. And it’s been easy to integrate for our particular business needs.” ★★★★★
– Peter F.

“WorkStraight is GREAT! We’re a very large property management firm with hundreds of properties across different states. Our team loves it. Allows us to coordinate with our contractors and keep all our tenants happy.” ★★★★★
– Kenneth S.

“Thank you for developing a product that has been so easy to use! I don’t know why we didn’t find you sooner!” ★★★★★
– Maria S.

“I shouldn’t say this, but I have no idea how your pricing is so reasonable... You’ve saved our company so much money since we switched to you.” ★★★★★
– Tim W.

“I don’t know any other work order solution that provides so much flexibility and such easy to use software. It keeps all of us organized.” ★★★★★
– Herb B.

“Good pricing, great features, and wonderful customer support.” ★★★★★
– Cynthia M.

“WorkStraight is the BEST. We’re so happy with it. Love the ability to customize it for our needs” ★★★★★
– Charlotte M.

“Most affordable work order software we’ve found. And we’ve been looking for a long time. Easy to use, flexible, and works great.” ★★★★★
– Don J.

“WorkStraight has been a life-saver! We used to rely on email to try to keep track of projects and that was a disaster. It’s made a huge difference for our company” ★★★★★
– Steven J.

“Thank you to the whole WorkStraight team for helping us with our particular business challenges. We were really struggling to manage our workflow and needed a solution that was flexible, while not costing an arm and a leg. Would be happy to be a reference if you ever need one. You really saved us.” ★★★★★
– Kevin R.

“5 stars doesn’t seem like enough. We’re very happy with WorkStraight.” ★★★★★
– Barbara H.

“Easy to use. Flexible. Great customer support. And easily fits in our budget. What’s not to like?” ★★★★★
– Joe K.

“WorkStraight works great! It’s been all we could have asked for -- and more!” ★★★★★
– Steven J.

“WorkStraight’s SUPER easy. It took hardly any time for our team to learn how to use it.” ★★★★★
– Robin H.

“WorkStraight is so easy to use, I got a separate account to help manage our family’s chores. Everything at work and at home has been so much more efficient. For the price, I couldn’t ask for more! Count me as a VERY satisfied client.” ★★★★★
– Cynthia J.

“Flexibility – for our business operations – is critical. We have a complex set of requirements. And WorkStraight delivers. It’s simple enough for all our employees and contractors to use. And it’s very competitively priced.” ★★★★★
– Phil W.

“I love how easy it was to get up and running right out of the gate. Makes it easy to coordinate and stay on top of all the work we need to do. Lots of features we haven’t yet used. Integration with Quickbooks was a plus. 5 stars.” ★★★★★
– Violet D.

“Wanted to touch base and give you some feedback after using for one month. So far, our team has been impressed. Really easy to use and flexible enough to handle whatever we throw at it. Haven’t seen another work order tool that compares with you guys.” ★★★★★
– Alan F.

“We’ve been with WorkStraight for more than five years now and you and your team have been great. It helps us manage all our day-to-day operations, and puts all of the information in a centralized hub where I can find it any time I need it. My team has been much more efficient and focused – and that makes all of us look better. Highly recommended!” ★★★★★
– Saul B.

“If you ever need a reference, I’d be happy to put in a good word. It’s the most important piece of software we use to stay organized. Can’t imagine our lives without it.” ★★★★★
– Alan R.

“When you consider ease of use, flexibility, and price, I don’t think there’s another task management solution out there that can compare.” ★★★★★
– Billy T.


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